Camcon 2010

May 2, 2010

Saturday, May 1st was not only Free Comic Book Day, but also the first CamCon in Colorado. CamCon 2010 is a convention focusing on anime, manga, and comic books. CamCon 2010 took place from 8:00-11:00 am at 5542 East US Highway 34, the Best Western Crossroads Inn & Conference Center in Loveland, CO. I had plenty of time to go by and check out the convention. I was also able to hit up some of my favorite comic book stores on Free Comic Book Day.

CamCon 2010 proved to be a fun little convention to get comic fans prepped for a day dedicated to comic books. There were many panels to show off fan art, and also some for model building contests. There was karaoke and beautiful displays for different comic creators. It was only a 1 day con, but there were so many interesting guests that I stayed busy enough.

The guest list for CamCon 2010 was:

  • Gil Gerard
  • Erin Gray
  • Miki Ball
  • Stan Yan
  • John Peters
  • Josh Mills
  • Paul Niemiec
  • Czarina Doyle
  • Danny Cottam
  • Sarah Talaba
  • Richard Ross
  • Randy Carranza
  • S T U D I O F A E X
  • The Men In Black
  • Colorado Medieval Festival
  • 501st Legion – Mountain Garrison Stormtroopers

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