HEROMAN Episode 6

May 7, 2010

The cliff-hanger to HEROMAN’s last episode looked set to turn things well and truly on their head, with Will and Nick unveiled as the most dangerous enemies yet to be set upon our heroes after being taken over and souped-up by the Skrugg. However, Will’s abilities in particular prove to be short-lived, as coming face to face with his sister Lina throws him into such a state of mental turmoil that he becomes useless for his intended purpose, allowing Joey and company to escape in the ensuing confusion. Thus, Will and Nick are thrown back into cold storage effectively by the Skrugg, to be repaired and deployed again later on no doubt. Needless to say, Lina is more than a little upset at the fate of her brother, but this appears to be the least of their troubles as Professor Denton reveals the terrifying truth of the spheres that are roaming across the country and beyond, calculating that they are all headed for important positions around the globe, not least the White House (why the President of the USA was so surprised the White House was being targeted I have no idea, has he never watched any alien invasion movies?). So, how to stop the Skrugg from taking over the world with only HEROMAN to stand in their way? While the US government consider drastic action, Joey, Psy, Lina and Professor Denton look set to take on the invading army at its very epicentre.

If HEROMAN hadn’t already ticked most of the boxes for an alien invasion series, this episode certainly added a few more to the list. Human being taken over and turned into an agent of evil aliens? Check. Same human defeated because of his emotional weakness? Check. US President agonising over the use of nuclear weapons? Check. So far, so clichéd, although with HEROMAN setting out its stall in this fashion from the very start I can really go too hard on it, as it still remains oddly entertaining even when this instalment didn’t really live up to the cliff-hanger laid out last time around. I also had to confess that I laughed out loud at Heroman’s own powers when dealing with the alien craft towards the end of the episode – It was a good kind of laugh though, of the “this is so utterly ridiculous… show me more!” variety. In fact, that moment probably sums up my feelings towards HEROMAN as a whole – It’s utterly stupid and predictable in so many ways, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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