Denver Cherry Blossom Festival 2010

June 27, 2010

I managed to make it out to the Denver Cherry Blossom Festival this year, and boy was it a day worth celebrating! It is always fun to get in with some Japanese folks and those who like Japanese culture. I met tons of new people, and also met up with some old Con buddies of mine. It was a great day, and I am so glad I took time to visit good old Sakura Square once again.

I had a great time chatting with folks, including several anime fans, old con friends, and japanese workers. As expected, there were many folks in costume and Japanese attire, including my friends and I. But this time I decided to focus on the non-Japanese folks this time because this year, I think the non-Japanese folks in kimonos, yukatas, happi, haori, and Chinese outfits outnumbered the actual Japanese folks wearing them lol.

The kimono stand, as usual was at the Cherry Blossom festival. This booth is where my friends, Paulie, Patrick and Niki, spent most of our time. This booth always has a large variety of different kimono, haori, shinku, and obis. Of course every single one of these kimono’s are amazingly beautiful.. but they come at a price (mostly $400 and above >.>)

Of course the vendor, Brant Fuse, had his Sumo Fish stand set up. I have always wanted to buy a shirt or two from him, but never have enough money by the time I’m done with kimonos. I meant to ask him why the change of name from “Big Sumo” to “Sumo Fish” but business appeared to be pretty good for him and I didn’t want to take too much of his time.

I stopped by the Gimme Anime booth and spoke with the owner, and a few other people there. While I didn’t purchase anything (already had everything I might have wanted or the stuff was all Naruto-puke-), I was happy to hear that his business was doing a good bit of trade that day and every time I passed by their booth, there was always a crowd. He did say that overall, business is down due to the economy. If you buy anything from them, let them know I sent ya.

I ended up spending a lot more than intended on a beautiful purple haori, but I was just in the mood to buy stuff and support these businesses. While I didn’t grab any pictures, I did pick up stuff from Denver Taiko (great taiko music and they are about to record a new CD), Bushido Designs), and Create In Me.

I got to see Miwa-sensei again at this year’s festival. She’s part of Rocky Mountain Sankyoku and plays a koto. And Speaking of music, the DJ in charge of tunes between events on the main stage played some music that I found completely awesome.

Food-wise, I was a bit disappointed this year with the food given. There were no takoyaki samples given this year and while I did see one person with onigiri, apparently there wasn’t much of it since there was none to be purchased. I did try somen and while it is OK, it isn’t something I’d actively seek out. Frankly, I’d like to see more Japanese foods done at this event. I want to see yakitori, yakisoba, and takoyaki in addition to somen, sukiyaki beef bowls, and teriyaki chicken.

However, that is all ok because I ended up eating at Yoko’s restaurant. I eat at Yoko’s ocassionally, and always love to go into the restaurant just to say hello to all of the amazing workers. They had a special menu for the festival so I ended up eating Yaki Soba and Miso Soup (which was fine with me since Yaki Soba is one of my many favorites to eat there).  If you ever want to have the best japanese food ever made in the state of Colorado, go visit Yoko’s Express restaurant on the corner of Sakura Square, I guarantee you that you will love everything on their menu.

I also made a few pit stops to Pacific Mercantile(the japanese grocery store at Sakura Square) to pick up some stuff. Sadly, they were all out of cold Strawberry ramune, which was a disappointment, but I scored some other delicious ramune flavors instead. I also took the time to get some of the delicious hot Tabasco soy sauce.. which is delicious on rice. I also restocked my gyoza and rice supply for home.

Throughout the afternoon, I went to play some fun otaku games. The most favorite being a game called King’s. We had a great time doing skits, dares and looking around. I even got a very very expensive kimono for $20 from  gal who had brought her kimonos to sell to make money for college.

Altogether, it was a great Cherry Blossom Festival 2010! I can’t wait for next year’s festival.. and also to NDK (Nan Desu Kan) in September, so I can meet up with my friends once again.



  1. OH neat you got a kimono for $20.00??? LUCKY YOU!!!
    I want to see it :3
    I didn’t get to go the Cherry Blossom Festival this year I was working T_T

  2. […] doing a good bit of trade that day and every time I passed by their booth, … Read more: Denver Cherry Blossom Festival 2010 « Kimiko Anime Share […]

  3. Cool! The festival looks like it was a lot of fun for you.
    You should post the haori and kimono you got I would love to see them.
    lol to SumoFish (love that name!!)

  4. SAKURA FESTIVAL!!!!!!! It looks like a ton of fun.. wish I could live in Colorado lol

  5. I’m glad you had a good time at the festival yesterday! It looks like tons of fun. I would totally buy something from the kimono booth if they had mens yukatas… did they?

  6. You could say that again.

  7. I’d so be at the sword stand! 😛 It’s great that you had fun and got some kimonos at bargain basement prices! Now I have to admit I’m kinda jealous…y? I wish Oklahoma would have something like that, but alas, as far as I know we don’t. X(

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