K-ON!! S2 Episode 14

July 8, 2010

So K-ON!! reaches the second half of its broadcast run, complete with its own new opening and ending themes and credits to celebrate – Is No, Thank You! a better song and title sequence than the classic Don’t Say Lazy? My gut instinct is that it might well be the case.
Anyhow, on to the episode itself, we still find some of the light music club girls studying hard – Heck, even Yui is diligently studying with Nodoka. However, such things get short shirt in Ritsu’s diary as she looks for someone to hang out with, but with Mio refusing her requests all seems well once she bumps into Mugi in town. Of course, as we already know Tsumugi is a lady who is easily pleased, meaning that such wonders as an arcade and a sweet shop prove cheap, accessible entertainment for Her Mugi-ness. So, all in all it’s looking like a great day out until she comes up with a rather odd request of Ritsu – She wants to be hit by her.

I should point out at this juncture that what she’s asking for is a knock to the head as punishment rather than some kind of Street Fighter-esque uppercut (who knows though, maybe we’ll get a K-ON fighting game sooner or later), but even here Ritsu simply can’t hit another girl for no reason. So, Mugi’s next line of “enquiry” is to act stupidly so that she gets hit instead, which to be honest isn’t something she’s particularly good at, and even when she does get it right by stealing Mio’s strawberry (hmm, that sounds rather deviant when I put it like that, doesn’t it?) the end result it tears from Mio rather than a whack to the head. Still, all’s well that ends well for Mugi, and it’s now back to school for the next episode.

You know, it’s actually kind of hard to concentrate on the content of this episode itself given all the excitement about the new credit sequences and songs – Oh, KyoAni, what have you wrought?! I’m almost expecting the third series of K-ON to be one long title sequence given this. Anyway, the episode itself was fun enough, and it was good to see Mugi getting the spotlight for a change as she often gets short shrift beyond acting as the bringer of the odd joke too, to leave us with an instalment that wasn’t the funniest, but as always with this series it’s all about the fun, fun, fun.


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