Kuroshitsuji S2 Episode 2

July 13, 2010
Ceil is in a boat and the viewers are lead to believe this is the scene right before Ceil died or this is right when Sebastian brought him back.  Ceil is actually on a boat with Sebastian and Elizabeth with the Stupid Trio in another boat.  I don’t know, there is a river and apparently Ceil and his company are making this land safer/better. It is a big deal with tea and cake.
Lau and his babe show up to the party and spy. Some rich people gossip about Ceil but Ceil holds his own against those jerks. Elizabeth comes flying up and babbling about some white stag and how they have to find it. She throws a fit and Ceil takes her because marrying Elizabeth is better than a random crazy.Everyone goes AW. After some random antics the group sets sail to find the random white stag. Lau says something really sentimental and junk….then steps out of his carriage to place bets on Ceil’s relationship and whether or not the group will return. Elizabeth is generally annoying with her OH THERE IS THE STAG and the Stupid Trio are not helping matters any while thinking every animal is the white stag. Soon it is time to stop for lunch (even though the entire party can see the group from the bank….) but it has been ruined. For some reason the Stupid Trio has replaced Sebastian’s beautiful meal with animals. Sebastian beats them up and makes another awesome meal in less than 5 seconds.

Soon the weather turns bad and the people leave the area. But Elizabeth wants to find this stag and runs off when Ceil doesn’t take her seriously. She manages to get herself into the boat but the water becomes super choppy. But the dam is threatening to break so Ceil has to decide what he wants Sebastian to save. He decides he wants Sebastian to stop the dam from exploding and he will save Elizabeth. But right when Ceil reaches Elizabeth Sebastian breaks the dam on purpose and Ceil and Elizabeth nearly drown. But they are saved and Sebastian explains the dam was going to bust anyway so he and the rest of the cast (including Lau) control it in a way that the river banks aren’t ruined. Also the dam exploding has revealed the white stag which is actually a drawing/carving on the side of a hill. Elizabeth wanted to find the stag because she is constantly worried about Ceil and just wants him to have a peaceful and happy life. That will probably not happen but the thought was nice. Ceil is slightly touched and calls her Lizzy. And Ceil’s life is never going to calm down because after this dam party he is more popular than before and his schedule is full. How wonderful. THE END!

One of the biggest WTF moment is of course…everyone is alive. EVERYONE! And they are all happy and friends again. Lau, the dude who tried to kill Ceil last season, besties with Ceil still. His girl is still around. I am sure next episode Ceil’s Aunt will show up next episode and it will be one huge family reunion. ALSO CEIL IS ALIVE! Did you hear that people?! That was probably my biggest gripe of the entire episode. I thought we were going to get an explanation on why Sebastian has brought his jail bait back to life. That is kinda major people. The entire last season was dedicated to Ceil getting his revenge and allowing Sebastian to eat his soul as payment for said revenge. Ceil was shot and dying. Sebastian leaned in and we assumed dead Ceil. Last episode Sebastian brought Ceil back. BUT WHY PEOPLE?! Why do we go from dead Ceil to fun antics with the Idiot Trio, Elizabeth, and a white stag?! Transition people, I need it.

Clearly Ceil has either not been dead for long or this episode takes place way after Sebastian brings him back. I say that because Ceil is back in the swing of things when the last time we saw him his house was on fire and the major city was being burnt by a demon dog. But now everything is fine and some dam is being built and that is apparently a big deal people. Rich people get excited about weird things. Oh Ceil is going to redo a dam? Time to have a picnic and a suck up party apparently. Who knows, it was weird.

I do like how this kid has been through hell and back and people are still treating him like scum. They need to go down the block where a 12 year old is poking out people’s eyes. This little rich kid needs people to leave him alone. Or rich people need to learn how to gossip better. Such fail there.

Elizabeth is so annoying. Where are her parents?! Why is Ceil constantly babysitting her? Why is no one watching these kids?! XO Okay that rant aside…..why does she always have to cry to get her way? Why does she do stupid things and it magically works out? Why can’t she just be allowed to make a mistake and no one rescue her? Okay she wanted to see the magical white stag for Ceil but part of that myth was that person has to see the stag right? So how is that helping anyone running off into the storm to find the stupid stag? Why Ceil, why are you engaged to this crazy person?

The overall plot of this episode was so boring. Ceil goes to some dam rebuilding ceremony, Elizabeth wants to find a stag, and everyone is dumb. The only surprising part of the episode was Lau showing up in the middle of nowhere and Sebastian failing to be the perfect butler. His picnic was ruined and he didn’t follow Ceil’s orders. That was actually pretty X_X as I think he should have told Ceil what he was planning.

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