K-ON!! S2 Episode 16

July 21, 2010

Although we came to realise that the light music club spend little of their time actually concentrating on music about forty episodes ago, it appears that this fact is only just beginning to worry young Azusa as she tries to sell the club’s virtues to Jun. By the way, am I the only person who genuinely wants Jun to join the light music club? Nobody else seems to like her.Anyhow, given her concerns about the distinct lack of practice during club get-togethers, Azusa is determined to change her ways once she realises that she’s slipped into the gentle, work-shy groove of the others… or at least, she is for a few minutes as such thoughts are soon relegated to the back of her mind once she finds Mugi alone in the music room. While that sounds like the introduction to some explicit K-ON!! doujinshi, what actually happens is that Azusa is distracted by Mugi being… well, downright adorable really.

From here we see Azusa facing similar struggles on the following days, first while sitting with Mio before being dragged off to Ritsu’s house to help with some home economics homework (don’t worry Ritsu, I suck at sewing too), then again (more predictably) with Yui who effectively persuades her to give up fretting about stuff like practising and just to be herself instead. So, with any worries thrown to the wind all is well in Azusa’s world once again, even though the culture festival is coming up and the light music club don’t seem to be doing a whole lot about it.

After perhaps the most disappointing episode of K-ON!! yet last week, this was a definite returning to form for the series, proving to be in turns funny and (more often than not) outright adorable; it’s almost alarming how fast Mugi has shifted from “that other girl” into quite the centre of attention for this series in a way that rival’s Yui for its craziness. Regardless, this was another slice of hugely relaxing yet enjoyable fun, which as always proves to be the perfect way to relax after a long day at work. Actually, come to think of it I have another meeting in under an hour, so my working day isn’t even done. If only I had a sea turtle tank to clean instead…


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