Metrocon 2010: Day 1

July 23, 2010

We woke up at around 8, got down to breakfast, got back up to the room by 10, got dressed, and made it to the con by 11. I was dressed as Subaru. My brother was dressed as Futch. JD was Miroku. Ashley was Erika. Mel and Kirky were Grimmjow and Ulquiorra respectively. We went to weapon’s check to check Futch’s sword in. Then we wandered a little before deciding to check out KellyJane and TealPirate’s Shinra Files panel. While waiting for the panel in line, James saw a Tir cosplayer and the Tir cosplayer saw James as Futch and they were both like, “OH MY GOD!!” *hug* They both said to each other, “You made my day!” because they were the only Suikoden cosplayers there. XDD It was kinda cute. The Shira Files panel was pretty funny though a lot of jokes went over my head since I haven’t seen much of Shinra Files. The best thing to happen during the panel was when JD asked Elena to bare his children and… errrm… Turk 4.5? I forget his name but he loves Elena or something. Anyway he was all, “That’s my woman!” Pffft. It was the best.

We bailed out early to go to the How to Not Suck at Dancing panel on time. It was really fun!! 😀 My eye patch annoyed me greatly and I had NO depth perception the entire time so my dancing wasn’t the best (pfft, let’s be honest, I suck) but it was still fun! XDDDD JD ended up being my partner. We learned simple waltz, swing and rave dances. According to one of the organizers, we were her favorite “couple”. XDDD

After the panel, I saw Scott!! Woo~ I poked him to get his attention and he was like, “Hey you! How are you? *hug*”

I was like, “Good. But what’s my name?”

“Pfft. With a Vuh.”

“With a Vuh? What happened to V?”

“Don’t you know? No one uses letters anymore.”

XDDD I also found out when he would be arriving and leaving MizuCon to plan for our kayaking trip. I originally said canoeing/kayaking but he was like, “I’m more of a kayaking person,” so we’ll just kayak. C:

After, we went up to the Artist’s Alley to meet the guy that produces the book “Cosplay in America”. While there, we got to see Kiwi (kieri-kun) and Vannah (PurpleSora)~ I was quite impressed with the CiA book! 😀 It was pretty well made. I only wish that it had been a little more helpful in identify not just the cosplayer or character but the series from which the character was from as well. Either way, wonderfully done. ^_^

After that we decided we were mad hungry and snuck back to the room to grab some grub. Sadly, I ended up missing Anime Idol because of it. ): I also ended up missing the CLAMP shoot because while we were in the room it started pouring! Not to mention that my eyepatch was sooooo annoying!! >_< I ended up changing out of Subaru after we were done with food. I took a refreshing shower and changed into normal clothes to make a quick run to Publix to pick up some minor missing items. It was still raining when we went out but at least I wasn’t in costume.

We got back in time to drop off stuff at the room and get back to the con center in time to see Scott McNeil’s panel. :3 My brother and Thomas accompanied me while JD went to the dealer’s room to see if he couldn’t find some wigs for some of his costumes.

Scott’s panel was a lot of the usual stuff, which isn’t too surprising. One of the best things to happen was, as usual, the food stuffs. He was given a bag of Doritos, chocolate cookies, and, of course, spray cheese. Someone asked him to eat them all together and he rose to the challenge. He discovered it was very good, surprisingly. XDDD

I wanted to ask him what his favorite color was because I’d heard it was Plaid but I didn’t know if that had changed. Sadly, he ran out of time and couldn’t get to my question. I wasn’t bummed though because I knew I’d have the opportunity to ask another time. We didn’t stick around for Richard’s panel because we wanted to have more time to get ready for the masque.

So we changed for the masque and I put on my dark red nail polish and redid my make-up and shit like that. From us, there was Alice (KH2obsessionz), the Hatter (JisatsuSama), the White Queen (KurohaneShizumi), and the Ace of Spades (KurohaneRyuu). We met up with our other two members: the Cheshire Cat (kieri-kun) and the White Rabbit (PurpleSora).

We had so much fun at the masque~ Lots of people complimented our group. The music was fantastic and we danced a ton! They played “Dance Magic” by David Bowie from Labyrinth! But can you believe it? NO ONE KNEW THE SONG. Only a handful of people danced to it!! D8 SO SAD!! Right after the song they played a remix of sorts of it called “Man with the Hex” by The Atomic Fireballs. It was smashing! Uwa~ We danced so much. =v= The story was really cute too~ Oh! Oh! During one of the story breaks, Taki did this amazing sash dance. It was incredible!!

After the masque we wanted to see the Fire Show but we somehow missed it! D8 I guess the masque ran longer than expected and went over the time for the Fire Show. ;w;

After the masque we went back to the Embassy since we were all staying there. We decided to have a mini photoshoot. :3 They had some of these nice armchairs lined against one of the railings by the fountain and we decided to rearrange them a little to take these awesome photos. There are 6 armchairs, the first of which is really close to the camera and the last of which is the farthest away. Each of us sits in one chair. After one position, we move a seat up/down so eventually everyone gets a chance to be the foreground of the photo. Then we took a little scene photo with Alice, the Hatter, Ches and the White Rabbit. We actually borrowed some tea cups from the kitchen. They were really nice about it. X3 In the scene, Alice and the Hatter are sitting at a table having tea. Ches is behind the Hatter looking like he wants to take his pretty hat. The White Rabbit is peeking behind some bushes, observing the scene. It’s really awesome. The next thing we did was a “Mad Tea Party” sort of picture. The Hatter and Alice are sitting across from each other with a coffee table between them, the White Queen is sitting on a couch in front of them, Ches is on one side of the back of the couch, the White Rabbit is on the other and the Ace of Spades is behind the couch in the middle. Finally, we decided to take individual shots on this awesome staircase. We took about 3 individual shots each. JD’s and Vannah’s shots were awesome.

After the mini-shoot we went back up to the room. Initially, we were going to change and go to the rave but we were so tired, we decided to skip it. I don’t even remember what we did in the room! XD I think we just watched TV and goofed off. XDDD


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