Metrocon 2010: Day 2

July 24, 2010

We got up at 9-ish to go down to breakfast and then, getting back up, got ready for the day. I went as a casual Xion, which consisted of my underclothes and a purple plaid shirt that I borrowed from Kirky. My brother was back in Futch. JD was back in Miroku, Ash was Drunk!Italy, Mel and Kirky were Lavi and Allen. As we headed to the con center, we saw Scott outside and went to say hi. I introduced him to my brother. He was like, “Okay, you can be With a J.”I said, “But my first name also starts with a J. You’ll have to make a decision there.”
“Hmm… Than you can be With a V2.” I also asked him what his favorite color was and he said, “Plaid,” right away, without even thinking. I said, “Great! That’s what I thought but I wanted to be sure.”

He asked me why. I told him it was a surprise~ I don’t want to say anything on the internet but I’m going to do something for him at Mizu that I’ve been wanting to do for EVER. :3 You’ll be sure to get photos, I promise.

Back to the con… I wasn’t surprised that no one recognized me. It didn’t matter much to me since I still had a blast! ^_^ We went to the chess match first. I don’t know what it was, but I really enjoyed this year’s match! Naruto and Haruko’s voices were FABULOUS! They sounded just like the characters. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that, for the most part, everyone had mics! I loved the Guitar Hero battle between Haruko and Krauser and then when Slash came out and they both bowed down to him. It was great. I love that they brought back the Red Warrior because he’d given me Pocky the year before and he was awesome. They had his whole party and they had an epic battle against the FF1 party. Maka fought against Mothra who ended up having to fight Godzilla… I dunno. XD It was really random. Mitsurugi kept instigating all these random songs and “minigame” like battles. They were crazy. Oh! Going back to Krauser, when he came on stage, they had censor ninja for him. XDD Oh god, it was all pretty funny.

After the chess match, we went to the dealer’s room and I found the MetroCon booth. They were selling previous year’s badges!! I was so happy because my first year was 2006 and I somehow managed to lose the badge. I have the chess match booklet and the con guide, but NO badge! They were only a buck each so I quickly got that. I also bought a MetroCon rubber bracelet and an “I survived MetroCon 2008” band. 2008 was the year that Red Bull Flugtag was hosted in the same location and weekend as MetroCon. The con center was flooded with drunkards who hit on underaged teenagers and were generally unpleasant. Flugtag also took up panel rooms that Metro was going to use. Ugh. So annoying. I boycotted Red Bull and Flugtag after that. I also got an “I support MetroCon” button that I missed getting last year. It alludes to the issues with Roy and whatnot.

After being thoroughly happy with my new found Metro gear, I got in line with JD and Ashley to get Richard’s autograph. JD had brought some of his figures and stuff to be signed though he didn’t bring even half of his Inuyasha stuff that he should’ve. I had Richard sign Vega-Lume’s fanart that she sent me. I gained a new nickname! He asked what my name was to sign the one she gave me and I told him the usual: “Jan. Like January but without the -uary.” He loved it! He laughed so hard and he signed it, “To Jan without the -uary.” Scott was at the table next to him and I said, “Great! This one calls me With a V and now I’ve got you calling me Jan without the -uary. Well, it could be worse.” XDD

I didn’t bother standing in Scott’s line. In fact, I didn’t bother hanging with him much at all because I’ll be seeing him at Mizu; heck I’ll be kayaking with him! I can wait to get autographs and such. We wandered around the dealer’s room because I hadn’t been in much. I ended up finding the Anime Pavilion booth and bought so many DVDs. *A* I got X -The Complete Series-, Outlaw Star the boxset, Escaflowne the Movie, and Gundam Wing Endless Waltz. Lots of oldies. I also got my brother Gensou Suikoden III Vol. 5 which he’d been missing. I wanted to by him something LoZ, like I usually do, but they didn’t have much. ): He wanted a Hinata plushie though so I got him that. And I found an LoZ belt buckle that was pretty rad.

Before I could spend anymore and drive myself into debt, we left. XD It was about 5 and we were kinda hungry so we went back to the room, had lunch, dropped off our new stuff, and headed back over to the con for the Cosplay Contest.

Honestly, the first couple of skits were… not that good. They were kinda stupid. There were two skits that really stood out for me. The first was the breakdancing Naruto and Kakashi. Mmm… they were both super cute and sexy. =v= Me likely. The second was the Vocaloid skit with my friend James (AnimePunk1) and his two buddies. It was hilarious. Appropriately, they won Best in Show. :3 The Naruto and Kakashi won a judge’s award, I believe. Very cool.

After the contest, we went back to the hotel. The only other thing we wanted to do was go to the rave. But since we weren’t going to work on the KH costumes anymore, I wanted to put the sewing machines and leather in the truck so I wouldn’t have to worry about them in the morning. On our way back to the hotel, these girls gave us raffle tickets and told us that the raffle started at 9 which was in an hour. I figured we’d have plenty of time before the rave to get the machines and stuff in the truck. Haha.

We got to the hotel and changed and ate. Honestly, it didn’t take that long but by the time we were all ready to get the stuff to the car the raffle panel started. So JD, James, and Ash ran off to do that and I stayed to put stuff away and organize what was going in the truck that night. I ended up watching Hairspray. The version with John Travolta as the mom? It was pretty good. Anyway! At about 11, when I realized no one was back yet, I called my brother and JD. They told me the panel still hadn’t ended. I decided to just go hang over there. On my way over, I saw the line for the rave. HOLY ZEN it was loooooong. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the rave… not if I had to wait in that line. e_e Anyway, as soon as I got to the panel, it ended. XD So we walked back quickly, got to the room and deposited the machines and some other minor stuff, booked back to the room and changed for the rave.

When we got back to the con center at ~12, the line had all but disappeared! 😀 So we stayed for about an hour, hour and a half. It was pretty neat. Great music and fun group to be with. ^_^ The breakdancing Kakashi was there too. *A* Nghhhhh. So sexy~~

Just as we were about to leave, Ash noticed that she didn’t have her phone. oAo So we ran all over the dance floor looking for it and when we couldn’t, I went to the sound booth. They told me lost and found was outside by the check-in tables. So I went outside and asked if they’d found a phone matching Ash’s phone but no luck. They said to check back in a bit and if they still didn’t have it, to check back in the morning. Disheartened, but not hopeless, I went back inside to wait for the rest of my group who were still searching for the phone.

Eventually, I just called the phone. Luckily someone actually picked up! It sounded like a girl. There was a lot going on in the background but from what I gathered she had to have been a volunteer or something because I heard “bag check”. So I went outside again. Still no luck. Then I texted the phone. I ask her to meet me by the glow sticks and gave a description of what I was wearing.

I never got a text back or phone call back and the others waited until 2 AM. We really had to be in bed soon and couldn’t wait around anymore. I had to fight my brother on coming with us because he wanted to wait there all night. He’s very… head strong and… well, I guess you could say loyal, like that; he’ll do just about anything for a friend. I knew that but it was foolhardy to wait there when the girl didn’t have a description of him. I reminded them that we still had to check Lost and Found again before leaving and that they probably had it by now.

So we went back out and I spoke because Ash was too upset. I explained what the phone looked like and sure enough they had it! Ash was so happy she started crying. So happy and relieved, we went back to the hotel, and went to bed.


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