Metrocon 2010: Day 3

July 25, 2010

The hectic day, as usual. XDD Got up early, I styled my brother’s Netherlands wig while everyone else went to breakfast (I had some of the stuff we had leftover in the room). It didn’t come out as nice as I’d like it but it will be perfected for the day when we have the WHOLE group together and one of his official outfits are done. :3When everyone was back, we got everything that we weren’t wearing or bringing with us packed and ready to be shuffled off to the truck. JD and Thomas left to get it while we finished up some little things. Then we grabbed a bunch of stuff, went down the stairs, and packed up the truck with what we brought. Then it was back up the elevator, grabbing more stuff, going down the stairs again and repeating. XDD It took longer than expected but we were able to be on our way by noon. So we got to the photoshoot a half hour late but luckily most everyone else was there and had already done their individual shots.

When all of us were there, we did the big group shot and then started some of the individual shots we didn’t do. Just so you know, Ash was Drunk!Italy and my brother was Casual!Netherlands. My brother and I as Netherlands and Belgium respectively took some siblings shots together. :3 And towards the end, Kiwi (Seychelles), Elspeth (Belarus), and myself took a girl’s group shot where our feet are bare. XDDD It was quite cute, in my opinion. Nghhh. The shoot was really fun~ And Morataya is amazing to work with. He put up with all our craziness (and tardiness!) and was really cool about our Russia not being able to make it. I hope we can get the whole group together one day to have a HUGE shoot with everyone! I want ALL MY GIRLS *coughNicollecough*

Anyway, as we winded down the shoot, Kiwi’s mom and step-dad to-be waited for us to finish up. While waiting, we asked them to guess which countries we were. :3

JD said, “One should be really obvious. Another might be pretty easy.”

Right away, he pointed to Sasu and said, “Germany?”

We told him he was right. He looked around us and tried to guess a few more but he was wrong on all accounts. Finally we point out Kirky who was America. JD said, “What about that one? What country do you think that is?”

He thought for a while and looked at Kiwi. “Help me out,” he said.

We giggled. “Okay, okay. Look at the jacket. It has a 50 on the back.”

Still nothing.

“Okay, there’s a star on the front. Star… 50…?”

Nope. Nada.

“50 stars?”


“What flag has 50 stars on it?”

“Oh! Is it America?”

XDDD It was really amusing. We then explained who everyone else was and spared him.

After the shoot was completely done, we wandered off to the dealer’s room for any last-minute purchases. And last-minute it was because I ordered a sakura ring and got my brother an LoZ wallscroll. When it was about 2:30, we started to find everyone to get ready to go. After finding just about everyone, we went on a mini search to find Sasu and say goodbye. We found her in a Hetalia ring. So we walked over and I said, “Bye bye drinking buddy~!”

She saw us and stood up to say goodbye. Well, while we were talking, this… chick comes up to me and takes my hand and is all… in my personal space! She said something like, “Hello beautiful.” And something else that was kind creepy and I was just like leave me alooooooooooooone. ;______; Thankfully, I think she took the hint and did so. =o= Phew. But it was very… uncomfortable.

After that we ended up making our way back home. We stopped by a Sonic’s for a supper sort of thing which was rad because Sonic’s is pretty awesome. XD I did a quick change in the bathroom and got my contacts out. After getting refueled, we headed back out and made it home around 10 PM.

This year’s Metro was definitely bigger than last year. It was visibly more populated. According to con staff, it was 6,665 people where last year was 5 thousand something. Pretty good!
I didn’t end up going to too many events and honestly, there weren’t a lot of panels I was looking forward to. But I know that panels are often done by the attendees, not Metro Staff so I can’t really fault them for that.

The Chess Match was one of best I’ve seen. I enjoyed the fact that they didn’t have 151923497340720.8347 all-out fights with every character fighting everyone else and that there weren’t an abundance of “secret characters” that changed the outcome of the match completely. It seemed much more straight-forward and easier to follow than previous years’ matches.

Ditto for the masquerade. The music was easily danceable and fun and the plot was cute and followable. They had some amazing dancing during the story bits as well.

I was pretty bummed to miss the Fire Show and the Costume Contest (with the Picture This! Contest) but I wasn’t really worried about missing them because the Fire Show is hardly different and the costume contest… I knew I could check out the winners online. The Picture This! Contest was the real worry as JD had entered and wanted to know if he had won anything. I knew I would find the winners online later, but I had wanted to see it at the con. (I learned later that there had been some technical difficulties and the winners weren’t announced. They’re not on the website yet either!! >_____<)

The Dealer’s Room was probably the most disappointing feature of this year’s con. D8 There were next to no pins, phone charms, wallets or other mini-memorabilia. The had some Hetalia Coin Figures and I kinda wanted to buy a Romano one, but I also wanted Spain and they didn’t have Spain. TAT So I was pretty disappointed in the dealer’s room. ):

I’ve heard people complain about security/staff but I only had one encounter with them and they were very reasonable and polite about it. They reacted quickly and effectively to the one scare I witnessed at the rave so, again, I can’t see any of this negativity towards them that people have been talking about. *shrug*

I wasn’t really surprised that my cosplays didn’t get noticed during the weekend since I cosplayed a lot of obscure characters. One person recognized Subaru and it was when we were on the elevator going back up to the room. Lots of people complimented my White Queen but few people took pictures. XD Xion… Pffft. None existent since I wasn’t really cosplaying. And Belgium… I was actually really surprised no one noticed her. D: I hung out with my Hetalia crew but no one got that I was Bel and no one took pictures. Kind of disappointing, but not surprised really. ):

I still had a fantastic time and I think that this year’s Metro has been my favorite out of all the years past. ^_^


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