Loups-Garous Movie to air 8/28/10

August 26, 2010

According to VIZ media entertainment, and BARKS( 京極夏彦原作) the anime adaption film Loups-Garous will be released August 28th in Japan. Loups-Garous will also feature the female rock band SCANDAL. The girls will not only perform three songs for this summer’s Loups-Garous anime film, but all four members will also appear in the anime itself. The film adapts the Loups-Garous Kihi Subeki Ōkami virtual reality mystery novel by Requiem from the Darkness’ Natsuhiko Kyogoku. In this story, a serial killer is targeting junior high students, and in the process, threatening to undermine the intricately controlled society of Japan in the near future. Three girls are determined to find the killer themselves. SCANDAL is contributing the film’s opening theme song, a song played within the film, and the ending theme song. Through motion-capture and computer animation, the band’s four members will also appear in the film and voice some dialogue.

The original story of Loups-Garous takes place in a near future. Population of mankind greatly decreased due to a killer virus. People avoid physical contacts (“real contact”) with each other and most of the human activities are done online. In such a controlled world, a group of girls actively make real contact. A serial killer, murdering only girls, makes them confront the rules of this closed world.


One comment

  1. I will have to get this when its out in dub version. Im looking forward to hearing more of SCANDAL’s new hits and even what their animated part in the movie is =D

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