Sekirei -Pure Engagement- Series Prequel

September 3, 2010

In the first half of this mini prequel to the series, all the Sekirei get called in for a routine physical check-up where fighting is prohibited. All this really means though is that we get to see them strip down and get their measurements taken. Being a DVD/BD bonus episode, everything was completely uncensored as well. Without question, this is one of the pinnacles of a fan-service episode, albeit still not as sexually suggestive as some other series’ offerings. From a Sekirei series perspective, I was thrown off by all the nipples being shown though. It was kind of weird, because the characters didn’t behave any differently from an omake-style episode where the Sekirei are bickering over bust sizes. As this is bonus material, I would’ve enjoyed it all the same even if there were censoring in place, much like the fan-service-oriented scenes we see in the actual series’ television broadcast. However, for people who are shelling out the big bucks for the DVD/BD releases, I don’t really see much problem with the uncensored variety. The manga is uncensored after all, so this is actually the more faithful adaptation of it.

If you followed my posts from two years ago on the original adaptation, you’ll probably know that Benitsubasa is one of my favorite characters design-wise simply because she has normal proportions and is voiced by Itou Shizuka. That being the case, I was completely on her side when Tsukiumi was fretting over how Musubi’s bust is 97 centimeters and hers is “only” 94. It’s a running gag in the series that Benitsubasa is ridiculed for having small breasts (even by Haihane), but I always enjoy it because she’s hilarious when she flips out. Quite honestly, I think she has nothing to be embarrassed about since shape goes a long way in lieu of size, but it never hurts to see her jostled by other people unknowingly making fun of her. I admit that everyone deeming her bra a good fit for Kusano is definitely salting some open wounds though. In any case, they conveniently chose to leave out the male Sekirei and make a recurring gag out of Homura’s indecisiveness over what gender he is, the latter of which prevented us from finding out more of what’s he’s packing down there (if anything at all).

For the much longer second half involving a beach resort of sorts owned and operating by the M.B.I. exclusively for their employees, Seo’s extended invitation to Minato and his Sekirei led to more breasts that you can shake a stick at. More so than the bath scenes where nudity was aplenty, the beach ones with the girls in swimsuits was more of highlight for me. The main reason being that it makes light of the ending sequence where we see all of Minato’s Sekirei dressed up like that and Tsukiumi donning the twin-tails look. That in itself is noteworthy in my books, plus Musubi didn’t look too bad in her own variation of it. The breast display later on got pretty absurd because the nipples looked unnaturally tacked on, but it’s hard to deny that they went all out with the fan-service in this bonus episode. Interestingly enough, they chose not to show one of the girls I wouldn’t have minded some limelight on, Yukari. There’s nothing wrong with Ashikabi showing some skin is there? Haihane is similarly portioned and they didn’t hold back with her. Miya on the other hand I can kind of see why she’s too good to be flashy her goods around, being the motherly figure in all of this.

Much like the first half, this second one ended with Benitsubasa falling victim to the big-busted girls’ shenanigans and feeling the uncontrollable need to destroy the entire place with her Gekishin earthquake attack again. All’s well that ends well right? Except this time, it’s with 100% more uncensored boobs. You know, if you care for that kind of thingz.


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