High School of the Dead Episode 10

September 6, 2010

So basically this episode was above-average, the fanservice was nice and the emotions of the voice actors were put to their best. We begin by having Komuro met up with Rei and helped Shizuka massage Rei, cause of what happened to her during the encounter with the Living dead. Everyone felt comfort when they arrived at the Takagi Mansion, it was like a paradise for them. However there was a scene of conflict between Takagi and her mom, Komuro was asked by her mom to convince her to about certain stuff. Then, a scene occurs where Takagi contemplates escaping from the Takagi house and her going emotional, but Komuro gave her a reassurance speech where she was returned to her senses. Then afterwards, Takagi’s dad arrives to the mansion with his army and commits an honor killing for his best friend who turned into one of “them”. Hirano goes into an emotional rage after talking about guns and swords with Saeko and Komuro, then Alice convinces Komuro to talk with Hirano, but then another event occurred where Hirano is cornered by older adults about giving the weapons to them to fight the Zombies. While this occurs, Saya and Saeko were talking about leaving the mansion for their betterment, but they had a small clash between each other. Takagi’s dad then comes to the scene to question Hirano, only to be saved by Komuro and his friends. Komuro tells Soichiro (Takagi’s Dad) about the fact that Hirano protects Saya at most times. The episode ends with a strange man talking to Shido (who is still on a bus watching a very sensual event), the once despised teacher by Komuro and Co.


The episode is very much focused on Saya Takagi, the fiery tactician of the team. From her insecurities, her need and longing for her parents. This is one of the more insightful episodes of the series, less blood, more talking, more substance and well, there is no action except for the scene where Soichiro commits an honor killing towards his best friend. And yes, the part which everyone awaited the series for was the infamous “Bus Scene” with Shido talking with a contact. The funny-yet-awkward part was Hirano going nuts about the sword’s capability, he couldn’t believe it. He doubts the powers of the sword, since he’s pretty much a gun-dependent character in the story.

Highschool of the Dead has a rather quiet episode in a lot of ways here but it brings in some neat parts of how the world would work after it starts to fall. Those with influence and smarts that manage to survive consolidate themselves quickly and make plans while understanding true human nature. Takagi’s parents are very much like that and it rankles with her, which is why she’s finding such a bond with her schoolmates and all the things they’ve been through together. The quiet time is definitely welcome because it helps to reinforce that bond. The only downside is that the epilogue portion of the episode showcases what’s to come and it includes a character I’d rather not see return, but knew we would. With only two more episodes to go, the show has a definite chance of riding out on a high note.


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