Nan Desu Kan 2010

September 13, 2010

It was Rockin’ over at the Denver Marriott Tech-Center this past weekend with the thrills and excitement of Nan Desu Kan(NDK) 2010. The convention took place from Friday September 10th through Sunday September 12th. Anime and Manga fans from all over Colorado, and even other states came together for the event. There was music, cosplayers, panels, AMVs, and of course any fan’s dream place, the Dealers Room. I arrived at NDK on Friday around 2:00pm. The Marriott was already full of cosplayers and fans of all ages. This years NDK pre-register badge featured yet another beautiful piece of artwork. The hotel was booming for opening ceremonies and for Friday night’s rave which featured techno and j-pop music.  There we a lot of interesting cosplayers involved in the Rave, but surprisingly the room was not entirly filled like it was last year.

I also got the chance to check out the DDR room on Friday and Saturday. I was able to witness a great show by a guy cosplaying as Luigi from the Mario Bros. Series of Games and Animation. He did an amazing full finish combo on Expert with speed 8. Great Job to you Luigi, it was an Amazing show! The tournament on Satuday was also heated up, as many contendors of DDR from all around battled their way to the top for best dancer.

Artist Alley was once again full of some amazing and beautiful art. Some booths featured chibi’s where as others had large paintings and portraits. Booths also featured arts and crafts from buttons to beaded jewelry. The Alley was really in business Saturday afternoon when more and more people came into the Marriott with high expectations of day 2 of NDK.

This year’s NDK also held home to some wonderful guests.   Barbara Goodson, Chris Cason, Chris Patton, Christopher Bevins, Christina Vee, Jerry Jewell, Kevin McKeever, Patrick Seitz, Rebecca West, Richard Cox, and Wendy Powell were the voice actors/actresses. Patrick Seitz was very popular for his signing as he is going to be playing the voice of Germany for the upcoming Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub. And of course Richard Cox had a HUGE lineup on Sunday afternoon for signing. This guy has been in all kinds of anime’s but is mostly noted for the charming but strong voice of Inuyasha.

Two bands were invited to NDK this year; Echostream and Kazha. Both bands performed excellent for their concerts. Echostream also held a pannel on how to begin a band and making music sound professional. The Japanese guests this year were Steve Yun, Tommy Yune, and Yasuhiro Imagawa (he created the idea of Mecha with the Giant Robot Show).

There were all kinds of panels this year some including; Anime Clue, Visual Kei, Anime Improv, How-to Draw, Anime Olympics,  Manga Production, Tea Time, Japanese Mythology, Cosplay Chess, Endings in Anime, Fanfiction, Fullmetal Freaks, Funimation Previews & Prizes, Gender and Sexuality in Japan, Giant Robot Rumble, Horror Anime, Make-up tutorial, Lolita Fashion, Otaku Subculture, Resident Evil, Steampunk fashion, and many more.

I was able to attend the Japanese Mythology panel which was quite interesting. This panel discusses how Japanese mythology is introduced into all kinds of anime such as Inuyasha and XXXHolic. I also attended the Resident Evil Panel(being the big fan that I am). In this panel we played trivia and discussed pros and cons of the live action movies vs the games and books. The Otaku Subculture panel was also fun (not to be mention run by a friend of mine). This panel was all about different kinds of “obsession” with the Japanese culture.

The dealer’s room, as usual had some awesome selections of anime/manga products for sale. I ended up getting 3 large figures(including a figure from Umineko; Jessica Ushiromiya) and 3 smaller figures. I also got my hands on a nice Soul Eater wall scroll as well as a miku plush. It was good to see some of the dealers back from previous NDKs and from Wassabi. I’m hoping I didn’t spend too much in there.

All together I had an amazing time at NDK and got to meet up with some old friends, plus make new ones. Here’s to hoping next year’s NDK will be even better!



  1. oh hi! I’m glad you enjoyed the Otaku Subculture pannel! and ONG- Chris Patton- let me tell you? His “Share’s too much” panel? FUCKING AMAZING
    not gonna lie, if i couldn’t have gone to ANY OTHER PANEL, it would have been that one xD
    next year, you should go to anime improve, cause it’s frikkin’ fun!


  2. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

  3. Nan Desu Kan 2010…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog 🙂
    Hope thats ok…

  4. Hi. Does your friend who did the otaku subculture panel have a blog? That was my fav thing at NDK.

    • No unfortunately she does not have a blog. The only blog owned by anyone I personally know is well just this blog, which is mine.
      I’m very glad you liked the panel though, I thought it was excellent. I’m hoping to get my own panel going for this blog at either next Year’s NDK or the upcoming Animeland Wassabi.

  5. Sadly, we aren’t allowed to do Otaku subculture again next year- or any panel again ^^;. we broke a few rules, got chewed out some, but all in all it was a good experience.

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