Pokémon: Best Wishes! Episode 1

September 27, 2010

It is finally the start of yet another Pokemon adventure! Satoshi(Ash in the English version) gets some new clothes and moves to Isshu with Oak and his mom. He arrives, and after he leaves the plane, Pikachu gets struck by Zekrom’s thundercloud, which make it unable to use Electric attacks. Prof. Aragi, a friend of Oak, drives them to her lab. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is getting debriefed by Giovanni and are in their new black outfits. They were informed to go to Isshu. They also later meet Ash after the plain lands. There, Satoshi meets his new rival who likes to photograph Pokémon. He is choosing his starter, and chooses Smugleaf and gets the new Pokédex-phone. He has a very cold attitude towards Satoshi. Mijumarru also seems to have the same type of attitude that Piplup does(i.e. he went white when he was not chosen). As he leaves, Satoshi challenges him to a battle. Pikachu starts off owning Smugleaf with quick attack, and dodgin all his attacks. However, Satoshi orders a Thunderbolt but Pikachu cannot use Electric attacks now. OMG Iron Tail animation now makes it so that Pikachu’s tail turns into Iron! Smug dodges, and uses… Leaf Storm? WTF, dude’s had the Pokémon for three minutes and suddenly he’s awesome at battling?

Anyhow, the Leaf Storm made Pikachu faint, and the battle ended. Satoshi goes back to Aragi’s lab, and she runs another diagnostic. Just as this is happening, the same cloud from before comes up to the house. Power goes out, and Pika’s electricity goes berserk. Also, the lab’s Mijumaruu pops up to check on Satoshi from time to time(he seems to have taken a liking to Satoshi) and Iris is seen from the top of a tree looking at Zekrom’s cloud. Oh, and Aragi mentions how this was Zekrom’s doing, so now Satoshi knows who he is.


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