Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 1

October 1, 2010

Gainax’s Gurren Lagann team is back, and this time with a series completely out of the ordinary. It’s been referred to by many as an “ecchified Powerpuff Girls“, a characterization that isn’t too far off the mark. Certainly, in comparison to today’s anime, PSG’s artistic direction is more in-line with western-styled kid’s cartoons, with blocky appendages and uneven body parts making up the series’ overall character design structure. Gainax has even adopted the two episode per airing model with this series, only further enforcing the similarities.

That being said, this show is anything but for kids, with Panty (Ogasawara Arisa) being a sex loving slut and Stocking (Ise Mariya) possessing a mouth that would make Revy herself cry. If that weren’t enough, the world around them is also extremely vulgar, being located in Daten City, a fictional location which lies on the border of Heaven and Hell. In this city, all kinds of unbelievably grotesque and evil “spirits” are born that reek havoc on the populace. As a counter measure against this, the heavens supposedly have sent Panty & Stocking to combat the spirits and keep the city and it’s inhabitants safe. The wisdom of this decision by god may come into question, with Panty and Stocking being a force of destruction themselves. If you were to give this series an airing time and station on American TV, the only thing I could think of is a late night Adult Swim slot with Robot Chicken andAqua Teen Hunger Force, which definitely says something about the maturity level of the content.

The first episode serves to demonstrate the destructiveness of Panty and Stocking, wasting no time in showing that even their morning wake up routine isn’t a peaceful affair, and when on the job they’re liable to attack random people out of no where, only to fuck them later on. It’s a wonder that the reverend Garterbelt (Ishii Kouji) manages to get them to do anything helpful, or even productive, at all, with Panty more interested in discussing how great morning wood is and Stocking only wanting to get more sugar in her system. I suppose it must help to have their oddly shaped dog, Chuck, to keep around, who is strikingly similar to the disguise that Gir used to hide his true form in Invader Zim (galaxy hopping perhaps). Of course, when they do move out they do it in style with their Humvee, dubbed the “See Through”.

The madness doesn’t end with the characters themselves, as in a testimony to the possibility that this may be one of the most disturbing anime ever created, Panty is eaten by her own toilet and spat back out in a gush of toilet water and feces. I’m sure I’m not the only one who shared Garterbelt and Stocking’s reaction to seeing Panty walk out covered in shit, which I was amazed was able to get pass the censoring process. Hell, I’m amazed half of the stuff in this pilot was able to get pass censoring. However, not even that showcase could have prepared me for the stripperific Mahou Shoujotransformation we got from Panty and Stocking as they were preparing to fight this episode’s evil spirit. I was pretty surprised, witnessing such astark turn in animation style in just the flick of a frame. If this turns into a running gag, I’m certainly looking forward to more lovely sudden shifts in the future.

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