Sora no Otoshimono Forte Episode 1

October 1, 2010

Even with the episode title, the parody opening for this premiere had more naked Tomoki than I was prepared for. Seeing as it defiled Ikaros’ angelic entrance, it could very well be seen as sacrilegious too. At the same time, it was utterly awesome since I love how this series isn’t shy about poking fun at itself. The super-deformed group shot was unbelievably cute, especially with the underwear everyone was wearing on their head. For those wondering, this is not the real opening sequence for the series. We should see a new sequence with “Heart no Kakuritsu” by blue drops next episode.

There are much more “effective” ways of getting rid of morning wood, but Tomoki apparently likes it rough. Saying that it takes some balls to ask the angeloid with the Uranus System to fire missiles at your crotch and smile happily during the onslaught would be one hell of an understatement, but Tomoki’s “way of the pervert” allows him to overcome the worst pain ever. He’s like a shaolin monk, except without all the purity, discipline, self-restraint, and just about everything else that would qualify him as one. All he’s got are the testicles of steel.

So apparently people on the Synapse used to love playing something called the Dive Game. The sound of that had me picturing a skydiving game of chicken since they have wings, but it turns out it’s a much different kind of thrill where you go into someone’s dreams. On paper, it seemed like a good idea to figure out what all of Tomoki’s dreams have been about, but in practice? Ohhh man. I honestly thought that diving into the mind of a pervert would have scarred everyone for life, but when Nymph messes up and everyone starts going into Eishirou, Mikako, and Sohara’s, it’s even worse. You think you know some people, but…

After Nymph exhausted the list of candidates, one would hope that she’d get it right on her fourth try. The relevant bit of interest is that someone’s placed a protection mechanism on Tomoki’s dreams though. Whoever did that should seriously consider doing Sohara a favor and placing one on hers as well. I’m sure she would be extremely grateful for it.

The stone monument floating in the sky with leafless evergreen trees that they were taken too wasn’t Tomoki’s dream either, but the acorn Eishirou brought back seemed to suggest that it wasn’t a dream at all. It’s almost as if they were taken to some remote region of the Synapse. For now, Ikaros is the only one who seems to know the meaning behind Tomoki’s dreams, but she either can’t talk about it due to the inherent protection placed on angeloids preventing them from talking about the Synapse, or simply doesn’t want to.

As time dwindled down, I was starting to wonder if Astraea  was going to be introduced in this first episode. The promotional videos had already shown her arrival and were pushing her as the “big thing” in this sequel, so it was nice to see them slip it in at the very end and get things rolling right away. Incidentally, there hasn’t been any real indication that she’s a lot dumber than her fighting ability would suggest. As such, I’m really looking forward to seeing how her and Tomoki “get along” when they finally meet. It’ll be like when two worlds collide, except the idiot version of it. Two wrongs make a right don’t they? Don’t they!?


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