MM! Episode 1

October 2, 2010

MM! is yet another light novel anime adaptation. The story  revolves around a young boy named Tarou, a brand new frehsman in high school. Tarou seems like a nice guy with all the “right” moves, but it turns out he has a little secret. He has a huge crush on a girl who visits the store he works at every night; however, he knows he cannot confess to her unless his “problem” is solved.

While talking with his best friend Tatsukichi about his “problem”, Tarou is told to seek help from the Second Volunteering Club. He takes a visit down to the club where he comes face to face with a beautiful junior girl, Mio Isurugi. The talk sweet act was attempted first, but she soon realized just how big the problem was she would have to deal with.

After being painfully ridiculed and stepped on by Mio, we come to discover Tarou’s true nature. He is indeed a sexual masochist. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it simply means that a person becomes sexually aroused from pain and suffering. Anywho…  Mio, along with her subordinate Arashiko Yuno, a girl in Tarou’s class, decide to find a cure for Tarou’s “problem”. Mio first attempts to cure him by beating him to death with baseballs and of course the bat. Come to find out, that only made things worse. Once knocked unconcious, Tarou awakes in a bed at school where he is painfully greeted by the school nurse, Michiru Onigawara.

Soon after, Professor Onigawara begins to tawnt Tarou with a steamy hot kettle of tea. Before the seduction can begin however, Mio steps in and asks Tarou to apologize for being who he is. She then in turn asks him a question as to weather or not he could ever hate a friend for doing something completely un-normal. Tarou responds with the typical answer that he has a best friend and no matter what he would always stick by him, since he had done the same for Tarou.

Later that evening at Tarou’s work, we see the young girl he likes walk into the store, but leave quickly. Tarou begins to chase after her, wanting to see how she felt about him. The chase continued for blocks, when finally Tarou grabbed the girls hand and was slapped in the face. Suddnely, Tarou was not sexually aroused from the pain of the hit and called it “The power of love!”. But.. turns out the reason he wasnt sexual aroused is due to the fact that the girl he has a crush on was actually Tatsukichi. The friends began talking and discovered that Mio told Tatsukichi to explain why he was crossdressing and his feelings to Tarou. Of course being the lighthearted yet strange anime that it is, Tarou immediatly accepts Tatsukichi for who he is, and the friends stay together and talk.

Tarou then goes to meet his sempai. Mio gets the guts to decide to continue her attempts to cure Tarou masochism, and begins the talk of a lifetime. So far this anime looks very cute, but in that strange this makes me laugh way. As of now, I believe I will continue to blog about this series (its only 12 episodes)… but we will see what episode 2 brings!



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