Pokémon: Best Wishes! Episode 2

October 2, 2010

The beginning of this episode shows Zekrom’s cloud going away, and Pikachu getting his electricity back. Satoshi asks Pikachu to Volt Tackle him and he does, throwing him back. Later that evening, we then see Satoshi talking to his mom and Oak at dinner, admitting that he wants to adventure Isshu. They agree, and he sets off with the 5 Pokéballs and new Pokédex that Aragi gave him. While the three of them send him off, Mijumaruu looks at him go away.Satoshi sees Iris’ hair protruding from the bush, so he uses his Pokédex. Apparently, Dex can pinpoint where Kibago is even though he is being covered by the bush. He throws a Pokéball, and hits Iris’ head. Her Voice Actor has a pretty high-pitched voice, more than any of the other companions. Hope the dub isn’t like that. Iris cuddles Pikachu so much that he shocks her. They then start talking about something, which I don’t know. Then, Satoshi spots a Pokémon and runs off, leaving Iris behind. She shouts something along the lines of “Wait!” and runs after Satoshi.

They are both seen hiding behind a tree as they see a dozen of dem deers hanging out. Satoshi fails to catch them, so they run away. Then,Satoshi is seen grabbing an apple from a tree. Not to be outdone, Iris jumps out of said tree and hundreds of apples fall above Satoshi. It’s night, and they’re both eating apples. As they talk, Iris stands up and starts shouting something, maybe about her dream?

Anyway, she falls asleep, and Satoshi looks at the stars. Mijumaruu is then seen looking at Satoshi from far away. It’s day again, and apparently Satoshi traveled without Iris? Also, Pika spots a Mamepato and they commence fighting. Then, the flock of Mamepato attack Satoshi and Pikachu, and they all get away. However, one gets left behind and Satoshi takes the opportunity and catches it. Iris then comes and talks about his capture.

Team Rocket then captures both Kibago and Pikachu. Satoshi sends out Mamepato, while Jessie uses the Zubat-clone. Zubat-clone defeated Mamepato. Wait, Team Rocket’s got a new ballon? Not Meowthface, but instead it has a big R in th middle of the round balloon. Satoshi and Iris then jump up a tree to reach them. Satoshi jumps higher and almost gets to them, but fails and falls. Then we see Mijumaruu come out and throw his shell like a boomerang at the baloon, popping it. They all fall down. Mijumaruu almost defeats Team Rocket, but they get away using a Smoke Ball. Satoshi and Iris then say goodbye to Mijuu while they head to the Center to heal their Pokémon.


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