Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 1

October 4, 2010
The model middle school student is secretly a younger sister-obsessed erotic game maniac! In actuality, it’s not quite that bad, but it sure sounds more interesting when I say she poses for pictures to earn money for feeding her addiction. It’s all about taking stuff out of context. 
We have the story about 17-year old high school student Kousaka Kyousuke, who hasn’t gotten along with his 14-year old sister Kirino for years now. However, all of that changes in very awkward ways when he stumbles upon her love for ages 18+ porn games. If that weren’t bad enough, they also happen to be the sister complex (siscon) incest variety, where it’s all about older brothers having their way with their little sisters. Hilarity ensues when Kirino decides to reveal her hidden stash to Kyousuke in belief that he would understand her “hobby” and not look down upon her because of it. It was at that point that I respected Kyousuke for taking the benevolent approach, yet laughed at him for the hole he just jumped into.
Pedophilia and incest notwithstanding, Kirino does have the tsundere makings of a girl who someone in Kyousuke’s shoes may be wishing wasn’t blood-related. She sure gives pretty damn misleading signs with the way she mounts him in his sleep, slaps him, and tells him to keep his voice down, which probably had everyone and their moms thinking she wanted a late-night “quickie”. If not that, then the fetish that her eroge of choice caters towards is more than enough for Kyousuke to think that she wants to get into his pants and let him have his way with her. From everyone’s perspective except hers, it sure looked like her secret stash of PC games and anime DVDs weren’t the only things that came out of the closet, especially when she crept up on Kyousuke seeking approval. Incidentally, the beauty of this series (and what’s probably going to turn Kyousuke into a full-fledged siscon) is that Kirino isn’t even aware of the misunderstandings her hobby is causing. And to think, she even has the audacity to call him a pervert for asking her if there’s any deeper meaning to her hopeless obsession with cute younger sisters. It’s unfortunate for Kyousuke, but hilarious for me because I can take enjoyment from the fact that I’m not in his shoes. If I were, I probably would’ve killed myself already from facepalming too hard.
On top of the crisp animation that I’ve come to expect from AIC, this adaptation doesn’t disappoint in terms of cuter character designs than the manga and comedic material that just works. Kirino’s forcible way of dragging Kyousuke into her hobby for a “supposed” objective opinion should prove to be the driving factor from hereon in, plus keeping her hobby a secret from their no-nonsense policeman father Daisuke  and mother Yoshino (Watanabe Akeno). There’s also the normal girl from Kyousuke class, Tamura Manami , who clearly has a crush on him, as well as some otaku friends of Kirino that will be showing up. As this was only a setup episode of sorts, I’m expecting the laughs to be even better in the coming weeks. This premiere did have its moments though.

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