Otome Youkai Zakuro Episode 1

October 5, 2010

This episode starts out with a group of young fox girls that seem to be singing and killing off some sort of demon, one of them tells the demon they are welcome. After the OP there are soilders gathered around and told that they will now be working with the spirits, the one in the middle with the blonde hair seems slightly nervous about this, and seems even more nervous when the old general tells him that the foxgirls are even scarier and will chomp down on you with thier big teeth.

This doesnt sit too well with the Agemaki, the blonde guy. who quickly covers up his nervousness with a charming smile and glitter and roses. As it turns out 3 of them was chosen, Agemaki the blonde prince charming, Riken the tall silent guy, and the youngest, Hanakiri. Those 3 will be heading over to the spirit headquarters and starting a new organization with humans and spirits called The Mistry of Spirit Affairs.

Zakuro, the tsundre foxgirl seems very much against teaming up with humans, she doesnt like them at all and thier ideals! Hotaru the maid-foxgirl looks at the callender and tells them that the almac says its good for romance, and maybe love will bloom with the comming of the human soilders, Zakuro seems grumpy against this and the twins tease her about it.

The soilders arrive to the building and enter in, the all meet in a big room and line up paraell to the foxgirls. The take turns introducing themselves and finally its Agemaki who puts on his best prince charming face and introduces himself to Zakuro who immediatly is charmed by him. However 2 little spirit kids come running by him and he faints, he tells them that he wasnt feeling well. Kishimatsu (the kangaroo spirit) says that they will be paired up with whoever is across them. Zakuro and Agemaki, Hotaru and Riken, and Hanakiri and the twins (Bonbori & Hoozuki).

Zakuro still seems in a daze dreaming about the lovely prince charming Agemaki, Hotaru tells her she’s lucky that her partner is scary, just then Riken seems to of walked past and heard the whole thing but didnt reply. Hotaru seems embarresed. In the meantime Agemaki is in his room still a bit dizzy. Riken asks if he’ll be ok since he has such a fear of spirits, he says hell be fine as long as no one finds out. Just then Zakuro comes in with some medicince and Agemaki tries to play it cool, however he accidently touches her air and freaks out. She asks whats wrong and he again puts on his best prince charming act convincing her that its nothing and he’s ok, Zakuro gets flustered and runs off.

Later on that night, Agemaki has to get up and go somewhere so he finally gatheres up the courage and walks down the hall, he seems ok but then suddenly hears loud thumping comming from the nearby room he slowly turns and sees big racoon like spirits bouncing about the room he freaks out and hightails it out of there, they turn back to human form and wonder what that noise was, realize its nothing and go back to stomping the bug they were trying to kill. Agemaki seems fine as he enters a storage room, only to be confronted by an eager rabbit spirit, Agemaki freaks out more and runs out of there.

At the same time Zakuro is walking down the hall and notices Agemaki she starts to blush as he comes closer and hugs her shes flustered and starts thinking that hes in love with her. when he smoothy whispers in her ear that he has to use the outhouse. she then gets pissed and calls him a wuss for being afraid of spirits.

The next day Zakuro and Agemaki get in a tiff over milk, she finds it disgusting and Agemaki tells her she should just except change. Riken notices that he seems to slowly be warming up to spirits. Later on, Hotaru is trying to get a jar way uptop the bookshelf its hard for her to reach when 2 hands reach for it and hand it to her she turns around and sees its Riken, she rmembers how he heard her say how scary he is. He then drops to his knees and looks up and asks if she still thinks he’s scary, she blushes and is speechless.  The twins and Hanakiri are in the kitchen making Knotroots when he remarks about how they look like thier hair, the twins freak out and starts crying but he immediatly covers for them saying that he LOOOOVVEESSS knotroots so to say that its like complenting them on thier hair, so then they cheer up. (smooooth moves Hanakiri

Everyone gathers around the cherry blossoms for a picnic when Zakuro and Agemaki notice people talking bad about her, she tells him that shes use to it plus hes the same way as them with being afraid of spirits. he seems to feel bad over this. Anyways everyone sets up and then they hear a loud crack, its lightening. and soon follows the lightening god, the spirits say its nothing to worry about but Kishimatsu soon notices that something is not right. However it might be too late as the little spirit kids go running up to the lightening spirit that is about to attack them but Agemaki quickly steps in and saves the kids, unfortunally hes paralized by fear. It’s ok because now the girls have a handle on it they take out cherry blossom sticks. and Zakuro’s turns into a sword and quickly goes in for the attack as the other girls sing a lovely song-chant. The lightening god seems to no longer be possessed and collaspes.

Everything seems fine as the little kids play with the unconcious lightening god. Agemaki seems worried but Zakuro tells him its fine the lightening god isnt usually so agressive and wonders what causes it. Everyone enjoys thier picnic.




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