Pokémon: Best Wishes! Episode 3

October 5, 2010

We start this episode off with somewhat of a race. Iris, arguing about being followed, is trying to walk ahead of Satoshi. Then, he tries to walk ahead of her. After a few rounds of them trying to walk faster than the other Iris finally stops and explains that she’s following him because he is new to the Isshu region.

From behind the shadows, Mijumaru(the one who helped the two last episode by destroying Team Rocket’s balloon) once again appears. However, now it is clear that he wants Satoshi to capture him. After being excessively cuddled by Iris, he jumps back, climbs on top of Satoshi and pushes Pikachu out of his shoulder. Iris notices his affection and tells Satoshi that Miju just wants to be Satoshi’s Pokémon. He throws Miju a Pokéball, only for it to fall to the ground. Satoshi recalls when Prof. Aragi sent out Miju at the lab. This means that since Miju belongs to Aragi, he cannot catch it. At the nearest Center, Prof. Aragi sends over Mijuu’s Pokéball to Satoshi. He now has three at hand; Pikachu, Mamepato and Mijuu. However, when they turn their back, Mijuu is missing. Worried, the pair head outside, only to fall into a pitfall. A little boy looks over, apparently he was or knows the cause of the pitfall. In the next scene, we see Team Rocket running with cool trench coats and a suitcase, who shortly after fall into the same pitfall as Satoshi and Iris. However, it seems that the weak Team Rocket is gone, as they actually land safely.

Then, Team Rocket meets a Meguroku, while the little boy tells Satoshi and Iris about Meguroku. They reach his father’s hot springs, where the boy tells Satoshi and Iris of the Megurokos that dug through the entire spring. Satoshi, Pikachu and Kibago jump into the springs in the blonk of an eye. Meanwhile, Team Rocket watches them from afar. Iris reminds Satoshi that they are to look for Mijuu. Just then, he appears in the hot sprigs close to Satoshi. A Meguroko springs up and bites Kibago. Satoshi tells Pikachu to use Tbolt, but Iris tells him to stop as it will also hurt Kibago. They wrestle Kibago out of its mouth, but Meguroku comes up and bites Pikachu by the hand and Mijuu by the tail. Satoshi he is running away holding them both Team Rocket catches it with a magnet…
And he’s a Ground type. Team Rocket escapes, and Satoshi/Iris tryto follow them. However, Meowth throws them a smoke grenade.

Team Rocket’s machine gets stuck, and a group of Meguroku’s saves their leader. Team Rocket escapes, and Meguroku lets Pikachu and Miju get away. Satoshi, Iris and the boy arrive and see that Meguroku have not only trapped Pikachu and Mijumaruu there, but a dozen otehr wild Pokémon. The holes that the Meguroku created open up the hot springs, and the rock where the wild Pokémon were standing seperated, Completely surrouned by water, Satoshi tries to jump in to help, but the water is too hot. The Megurokus then bite each otehr’s tail to form a bridge for the wild Pokémon top cross. These Pokés were too scared to cross the bridged, so Satoshi went over to them. They then started crossing the bridge. After everyone except Satoshi had passed(including Pikachu who came with him) the rock formation started to break down. He held unto the other end. Mijumaruu came to help, but almost fell until Satoshi put him in his Pokeball. His grip on the Meguroku tail slipped, but Iris came to the rescue. Then, back at the hot springs they were able to get in with their Pokémon(except for mamepato who did not appear throughout the episode).


One comment

  1. Jessie from team rocket, in that hot tank top is the only reason I like pokemon. Oh that and my little Pikachu stuffed toy!

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