Motto To Love-RU Episode 1

October 10, 2010

To-Love-Ru is back with another season! I’ve got say that this was pretty good…but who’s watching this show for substance!!? We’re all in it for the fan-service!!! Unfortunately most of that has been cut out by our friendcensorship. And it’s pretty sloppy, I wouldn’t normally mind a few wisps of steam, but the beams of light were pretty badly tacked on…and then, they don’t even bother to censor certain scenes…I guess we can just wait see what the AT-X airing has to offer.I actually quite like the animation style. It’s just a SLIGHT bit different from Kentaro Yabuki’s lovely art, but hey, it works. The animation itself was good enough, but was nothing to brag about.

The episode was divided into 3 different stories/segments. The first being a reintroduction to all the characters, the second a bath-house visit (which is based on of chapter 96, somewhere around there…). And the last was a bit of bonding moment for Yui and Rito. I actually like this little segmented story telling quite a bit, as it covers more manga chapters (and it was pretty fun too!). I don’t loathe anime original content, it’s just that the first season was full of it…and it wasn’t so stellar…however, based on the PVs alone (and the next-episode preview), it seems as though most of this series will be sticking with the manga.

But of all the little segments, the last one was probably my favorite. Even though I knew how it would all go down in the end, it was still pretty nice, had decent character development, and didn’t have as heavy of a focus on fan-service as the last two. Forgot to mention it was all about Yui.

Despite the puzzling censorship, this was a pretty good first showing. And it pretty much goes without saying that I’m going to be following this one~it’s just nice mindless,naughty fun. The new To-Love-Ru manga (To-Love-Ru Darkness), just started, I read the first chapter and was pretty pleased! so I might say a few things about it!


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