Pokémon: Best Wishes! Episode 4

October 10, 2010

Since people are getting confused I will just refer to Satoshi as Ash from now on. This episode starts off when Ash and Iris arrive in their first city. Here Ash learns from iris of the Battle Club. They get in, register and watch a battle between Miju and Tsutarja’s evolutions. After Tsutarja evo gets defeated, the main guy from the Dome, whom I will refer to as “Big Dome” approaches them. As usual, Iris introduces Ash and herself. Ash is challenged to a battle by the kid that beat Tsucharja’s evo just now. Big Dome referees the match. Pikachu is about to battle when Mijumaruu steps out of his Pokéball and pushes Pikachu aside. Then, the other trainer sends out Miju’s evolution, and Mijumaruu steps back, letting Pikachu handle this. Pikachu t-bolts, misses, then Iron Tails and hits. Tries a Violt Tackle but misses aswell, and gets hit by Shell Blade.

Team Rocket is seen outside the Dome Warehouse. They hack into a door and enter. As they do, a Pokabu trapped inside escapes and the alarm goes off, triggered by Team Rocket. They run away, Big Dome and Ash and Iris head out to investigate. They go out, and find nothing so they check the security camera. In it, they see TR enter and leave, and also see Pokabu’s shadow jumping out. Ash then shows Big Dome that the Pokémon might be Umbreon, showing him the Pokedex entry of Umbreon.

Big Dome sends his men to look for the missing Pokémon and Ash and Iris do the same. Meanwhile, TR is snooping around in the back(no blast offs since season started). Jessie paints Meowth as an Umbreon. Big Dome and his workers follow Meowth, while Ash and Iris set up a trail of food for the Pokémon. He also tells Mijumaruu and Pikachu to stay there. Ash, hiding behind a bush, finds the Pokabu looking for food. He opens his Pokedex, but is confused by the differences. He then notices that Pokabu has his mouth held tight by a rope, and Iris and Ash rush after him. They end up at a dead-end, and Ash holds the scared Pokabu. Iris watches in awe as Ash unties Pokabu’s ropes and bring him a bowl of food. Meanwhile, the Dome guys corner Meowth.

It is in this part where I got lost. Apparently after Meowth is cornered, the Dome guys rant about something and start crying. My guess is that they thought that Umbreon(Meowth) had been stuck inside the warehouse for days, and it was all their fault. Anyhow, Meowth rubbed off the paint from his forehead to reveal the Meowth Gold Coin and walked away. While the Big Dome cried, one of the Dome guys informed their leader that it was not an Umbreon, but a Meowth. They saw Meowth run away, and they all began to cry again.

TR goes into the warehouse where they originally went to, and discover it open. Inside they find a fainted Pikachu(some boxes fell on him by accident) and Mijumaruu hiding in the corner. Ash shows Pokabu to the Big Dome, and about how he found it all tied up. Apparently, after losing a battle in the Pokémon Club, a trainer left Pokabu tied up. Crying, Pokabu had tugged the rope hard enough for it to come off but attach to his mouth. The flashback ends, and they notice TR running off in the back with Pikachu and Mijumaru following closely behind. Ash tries to attack, but Meowth used some sort of force field elevator thing. Pokabu gave it a go and used Ember to destroy the forcefield. Ash caught Pikachu in his arms as he fell down, and TR escaped with air gliders.
Iris took out a Pokéball and wanted to catch Pokabu, but he refused and went with Ash instead. In the end of the episode, Giovanni was seen talked to TR via video conference about something important apparently, as they mentioned “To Be Continued” and the last thing Giovanni mentioned was given importance.

Ash now has 4 Pokémon with him. Pikachu, Mamepato(hasn’t used since BW002), Mijumaru and Pokabu.


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