Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 3

October 15, 2010

Surprisingly, while the blatant risque nature of this show might seem childish, you’ve gotta give Gainax some credit to the variety and depth of the rapid in your face perversions. For me, I find it to be one of the show’s charms, and given the frequency of these jokes thrown on and off screen, it seems likely Gainax is going for some kind of shock factor (such as chewing a condom, and then blowing it up to look like a really unnecessarily detailed dildo). They’ve also upped the Engrish swearing this time around, which never fails to remind me of Akito from Air Gear. “Facking Shitto!”

In “The Buzz of the Beehive”, Panty and Stocking are called upon the local high school by its worthless principal to eradicate yet another Ghost. The girls find no shyness in entering the hells of high school, and brazenly enter. Initially I believed this school might turn into a regular thing, but I’m glad it isn’t, since it would easily turn into a mindless tedium. Incidentally, Brief (Hiroyuki Yoshino) is introduced this episode as a self proclaimed Ghost Hunter, taking the uncanny resemblance of a certain couple ghostbusters. Not surprising, Brief crushes on Panty at first sight, and hell, who can blame him? “Queen Barby” soon makes her appearance as your typical “hottest girl in the school who is not coincidentally also a cheerleader”. Who knew she was the enemy from the start? /sarcasm (I didn’t ._.) On a trivial note, because of the crowded environment, Gainax took the opportunity to stick a multitude of references to previous Gainax shows, most of them belonging to TTGL. If you look really carefully, there’s also some Powerpuff-styled characters thrown in there too.

The insert song during the high school montage was pretty catchy, despite that the lyrics made absolutely no sense. Really, all I heard was Garterbelt and Anarchy (probably referring to Anarchy Panty), but who cares, I still want it. After being beaten in apparently everything that matters in high school, Barby slinks away behind scenes and plans a massive attack against Panty and Stocking. Of course, her plan fails, and she ends upexploding just like the rest of them. Eight heaven coins though, that’s rather good compared to the shit monster. Oh, and Panty bangs football jocks for their large “size”. Honestly you couldn’t possibly make scenes like this come off as a joke with normal anime styles, it’d just be too serious looking.



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