Sora no Otoshimono Forte Episode 3

October 16, 2010

With another festival that sees the return of Judas, I was looking forward to another a repeat of the cork gun survival game seen in episode eight of the first season. Tomoki wasn’t too fond of the idea, given how Ikaros went on an aerial “angel of death” killing spree with her Gatling gun before, so I figured I was in store for something a step up from that.

As such, it was a bit of a shame when it turned out they didn’t plan to pursue that route, though the pro-wrestling event that Mikako cast off as American sumo was “interesting” in its own right because of Tomoki’s Mask Dupants alter ego. In addition to our master pervert making his perky nipples a focus again, his panty mask and oversized package approach further distinguished himself among contestants. The female fans in attendance were clearly disgusted, which left me wondering what Mexican wrestlers would be thinking about having their signature masks portrayed in such a derogatory manner. For fans of the actual series, none of that really mattered though. Mikako set up a prize of ten million yen again and the promise of some alone time with the Satsukitane geisha, which was more than enough reason for Tomoki to go all out with the blatant groping in the ring.

Overall, this was a prime example of how this series likes to go off on a completely random tangent for the sake of going off on a completely random tangent. If you’re already on board, the absurdities are undoubtedly the best part, which Astraea gets the full-blown treatment with after joining the cast this season. I still haven’t gotten tired of how stupid she can be (in that lovable kind of way), such as when she blurted out all the secrets of the Synapse and failed miserably trying to cover them up. Lying does take some degree of intelligence after all, which our Delta angeloid is seriously lacking. I gather Mikako doesn’t mind one bit though, seeing as she probably enjoyed manipulating her for her personal enjoyment. The female sumo attire she got Astraea to put on was pretty risqué to say the least, albeit not that appealing in my eyes because of the obvious connotations. In comparison, Mikako’s Heartbreak Kid-like outfit and and Nymph’s more feminine one were much better, as was Sohara’s when she joined the electric cage match to put a stop to Tomoki’s animal-like rampage.

As much as I enjoyed seeing Tomoki die on his feet and get robbed of his prize, the overarching theme with Nymph’s feelings towards the perverted maniac proved to be a nice touch. From her jealousy upon seeing girls fawn over him with the help of her jamming, to wanting another candy apple from Tomoki, the love-struck side of Nymph is always welcome in my books. Interesting enough, Ikaros is showing more emotion than she’s usually capable of in light of Nymph’s advances, with the scene at the end where she hid her face suggesting that she’d like Tomoki to pay more attention to her. For the time being, I’d imagine that Tomoki’s ability to break into the Synapse core via his dreams will take a bit of a backseat, so there should be ample time to work in more quirky character-related developments.



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