Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 9

October 30, 2010

There’s a whole mess of confusion within me from watching this half. Is it the urge to be disgusted from an episode devoted to boogers? That said boogers are so abundant, and shooting everywhere, or that they look exactly like Stocking’s sweets? How about that Stocking eats said sweets, but soon eats those boogers too, but the cognitive dissonance of seeing it still as a sweet, but knowing it’s a booger just rips the mind apart?

Finger banging your nose, while might be fun, is the main reason people have begun picking their nose, though of course with the help of some good ol’ Ghoul influence. Tomokazu Sugita guests as Oscar H. Genius, this part’s Ghoul, who figuratively is a booger himself, resulting from someone who died in his boogers (or something like that). Having recently re-watched bits of Kanon, whom Sugita plays the protagonist of, more dissonance occurred, as I wasn’t sure what to feel from seeing him take part in the mutual nose banging with Panty. It’s sort of indescribable. Ayu, my condolences.

As if the question wasn’t already planted into my mind since Panty started moaning at an increased rate due to fingers in her nasal cavity, she asks the audience which hole is best, as if to force you to retrospect over the episode, which is ironically the last thing anyone would do for this particular 11 minute booger porn. But you know what? I thought about it anyways, because that’s my problem, thinking too much. Counting the nostrils, there would be five holes, an additional two to the already standardized three. Personally I’d prefer the lower holes, because (warning, incoming immature insecure penis jokeobviously I can’t fit into nostrils. But if I could, would I? Despite the biological fact that there are no pleasure sensors in there, why not? Oh, but with consent of course. (maybe)

Fun fact: Sneezing causes pretty much the same exertion force and contractions in your body as ejaculating does. They also both happen to shoot things out, although a sneeze travels much faster due to less mass being ejected. So the moon sneezing at the end as if it just came, makes sense. If you ever experience euphoria from sneezing, you may not be alone. But you might be a pervert.




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