Sora no Otoshimono Forte Episode 5

October 31, 2010

Compared to the first season, this sequel appears to be taking off much quicker on the relevant story side of things as the focus shifts back to the mysteries surrounding Synapse. The man of the (half) hour is none other than Eishirou, who plunges back into a Dive Game and makes his proclamation against theMaster of the Sky. Oh now it’s on!

In relation, what caught me by surprise was how serious of turn things had taken. I had mentioned a couple of times in previous weeks that I was hoping this sequel would delve into the more meaningful portions of the story sooner rather than later, and it looks like my wish came true just under the halfway point of this sequel. Granted, the premiere pretty much paved way for Tomoki’s dreams to come into the picture again fairly soon, but I wasn’t expecting them to turn out to be much more than a means for themother/creator of the angeloids to communicate with him. More specifically, a huge twist was thrown in, suggesting that Tomoki’s dreams are a connection to the world floating in the skies above, and blurring the perception of exactly who and what are real. The biggest eye opener for me was Eishirou stumbling upon how the other worldly residents seem to have the means to observe humans either in a transient form or as humans themselves.

In the latter case, it looks like angels can appear on Earth when they’re in a dream-like state of their own, which the sight of one Kazene Hiyori (Hikasa Youko) lying in a capsule seemed to suggest. If that is indeed the case, Tomoki would be the odd exception to that link between the worlds, being the only human who can visit Synapse in his dreams in return. This of course would mean that everything he’s experienced in his dreams are in fact real, while casting a real sense of doubt on what’s real on Earth. Eishirou’s question to Nymph about his own existence went on to support that theory, which quite frankly had a very Matrix-like feel to it. Namely, there’s the idea that a large portion of the human population are nothing but angels while they’re sleeping or just a figment of the angels’ dreams.

At this point, I can’t imagine this series becoming overly profound to the point that everyone’s entire perception and understanding of the world they live in is turned upside down, but I won’t lie about being excited about how the possibility is there. Amidst all the quirky humor, which was nostalgically brought into the play this time with the revival of Tomoki’s Panty Robo (Ishida Akira), all the mysteries surrounding Synapse that aren’t apparent on the surface of this series provide an element of depth that I particularly enjoy. All we need now is a potential confrontation with the Master of the Sky (Miki Shinicirou) to take this from being a great series to an epic one. The stage has been set, but is unlikely to reach any sort of conclusion this time as we have a new angeloid, Chaos, joining the mix. Oh my, Index‘sIguchi Yuka is an angeloid.




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