Letter Bee S2 Episode 5

November 1, 2010

It’s a Reverse World alright, not only in the sense of the anti-government organization revolting against underground spirit amber experiments on humans, but also in how nothing is what it seems. The strict social status requirements on stepping foot into Akatsuki already pose several questions on exactly what the government is doing there — or what it can get away with — but the appearance of an ex-Bee and dingo duo who are now inspectors from the capital does as well when they turn out to be Marauder spies.

Whether coincidental or not, it’s worth noting that Caribs Garrard (Inoue Kazuhiko) once set his sights on becoming a Head Bee just like Gauche is now in a similar occupation after finding out that the whole Bee thing wasn’t for him. The same goes for his former dingo Hazel Valentine (Tachiki Fumihiko), who has a way with handling both Wasiolka and Niche.

The rest of the episode outlined how Reverse members have been attacking Bees and stealing letters in the southern Yuusari region, and revealed how Garrard and Valentine were there to perform a Spirit Amber experiment of their own, but felt like there was still some sort of untold truth going on. The fact that Garrard didn’t seem to care about the well-being a young boy made him out to be an antagonist, but the way he purposely let Lag’s shindanjuu expose the memories contained in the Spirit Amber bottle suggested otherwise. In light of that, I find it hard to get a read on Garrard’s motives and if he was truly trying to break Lag’s resolve as a Bee, or if he had confidence in him overcoming the challenge. Then there’s Valentine himself, who seems to enjoy teasing Niche about being a second-rate dingo, yet doesn’t come off as a person with any real ill intent. As such, I’m curious as to whether part of this is an act, meaning they used their supposed defection to infiltrate the Reverse organization.

The prospect of the government thinking that far ahead is definitely more intriguing than things proceeded exactly as they’ve been laid out, though I can’t say this series has every been that roundabout in its storytelling. Whatever the case, I’ll be sure to have my eye on these two when Lag and company cross paths with them again.



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