Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episode 4

November 1, 2010

Mr. Moriaka, you have such a strange sense of humor. I understand that you really don’t like Hotori. I understand that she is fundamentally the onlyreason why you can no longer enjoy life. But the point to which you stress over her failing your quizzes and exams is just plain overkill. It’s making your hair fall out for god sake!

Taking out your childhood problems on Hotori is just plain cruel too. Not everyone in the world sees everything logically. There are people out there who just like to think outside of the box! Just because she might look a little like your second grade homeroom teacher who attempted to destroy your mind – it doesn’t necessarily make Hotori your natural enemy. Then again, I will give you the benefit of the doubt when you enjoy circling the correct answers on test; only to go crazy when the only circles you write on Hotori’s paper are the “zero” for her grade. From a teacher standpoint it looks like you care a lot. Especially with all the work that you do to help her improve her horrible math skills. But deep down insideknow that you’ll do certain unforgivable things (at least in your mind) just to get your revenge on her. I hope that you never take life less seriously then you already do – it’s things like your horrible math jokes that really make me laugh. Seriously though, what appeal does Mr. Moriaka have too all these different girls? His hair? His looks? His Sugita Tomokazu like voice? I still don’t understand what Hotori, or in fact anyone, can see in him. Romantically he seems like he’d be a horrible boyfriend/husband.

Besides the ever continuing one sided love Hotori has for Mr. Moriaka, Sore Machi never fails to showcase how air-headed our loveable Hotori is. Be it from using hair toner instead of lotion on her face to telling amazingly bad jokes, Hotori will always make me laugh with her stupid humor. For some reason she also takes her horoscopes seriously – but only the horoscopes that are positive for her. Meaning she goes through horoscope after horoscope looking for something positive. I kind of get the feeling that it doesn’t work like that though. And, I also thought that each sign only got one horoscope a day? There’s also more Futaba this week! In an episode that seems solely focused on Moriaka, Futaba manages to squeeze in few minutes in-between the jokes. This is only the second episode she’s appeared in but I’m starting to like her a LOT. I don’t know if it’s her slightly deeper voice, her attitude (especially with Hotori), the way she loosely wears that uniform of hers, or her sexy ear piercings but I know that something about her really gets me. I want more Futaba!

Next week’s episode looks like it will focus on Tatsuno (and not Futaba). I hope that maybe, just maybe next week’s episode will finally be able to shine some better light on Tatsuno. Seeming to appear only as a selfish, egotistic person, she doesn’t even seem like Hotori’s good friend! I can personally say I’m not too fond of her character, so I hope that she has something to round her out. Also did anyone feel like they were watching Bakemonogatari whenever the chalk was slowly falling to the ground?





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