About Kimiko Anime

The Group:

Kimiko Anime is our group of Anime/Manga fanatics whom like to bring their creativity and fun everywhere we go. We like to host booths at conventions if we can and or participate in as many events as possible. The group was established in July of 2006 and we have been together since. Our booths range in variety of drawings, short mangas, cosplay accessories, anime/manga nick naks and many more!

Our first convention as a group was NDK 2007. We have been to all NDK’s since and have grown our cons to travel to Animelands, Anime Expo, and our Japanese group members to Tokyo International Anime Fair and more. Many of our gatherings are in Denver, but most of us live in Greeley, CO (which is about 50 miles north of Denver) and have our meetings there. We hope to be able to go to as many cons as possible to meet new friends and find new members along the way. Anyone is welome to join the Kimiko Anime team all you need to do is ask and tell us about yourself. We have members all over the country and even the world. It doesn’t matter where you live or what age you are… if you love anime we love you!

Origin of Website:

The Kimiko Anime website was created in June of 2009 by team head Laura Hill.  Kimiko means “Child without an equal”. This being that everyone that posts on this blog is unique in their own way and do not have any equals or mirror’s of themselves. Kimiko Anime Blog was first created for anime reviews, but then latter adapted into writing about manga and games too. As of now, Kimiko posts for all new  anime and all new manga that is airing in Japan.

Kimiko Merchandise:

We are currently looking for someone to create a mascot for Kimiko Anime. This mascot will be used on the site banner, buttons and on custom T-Shirts in the store. Once a mascot is created, we will be able to open our online store with all the merchandise offered. As of now only people who join Kimiko Anime’s Club (talk to Laura-sama) will receive any Kimiko Merchandise until the store is opened.

2010 Kimiko Shirt Design “Fear the Music” Winner:

To Order a T-shirt email Laura-sama: AnimeLovR101@yahoo.com or use Kimiko.Anime@gmail.com paypal payment.

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