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Hello Readers! We would like to take the time to announce that we have a position available on the Kimiko Anime Writing Staff. If you are interested, please read the following…

Kimiko Contact Information:

Our Email Address: kimikoanime@hotmail.com

Reasons to join Kimiko?:

1. You do not have to deal with the whole creation of a blog and wonder about how to even start one.

2. Writing for us will mean that you do not have to bother about finding readership. There is already a decent loyal readership in this blog, all thanks to the loving commentators and readers who have continued to follow us.

3. You do not need to bother about administrative and blog templates. You can just focus on your writing.

4. You do not need to feel stressed about writing. This is a team blog, which means there will be people blogging all the time. Of course, we will love it if you write at least one entry per week. We prefer writers who are constantly trying to contribute to the success of this blog.

5. You already have a ready group of writers in Kimiko who will be willing to do collaborative posts with you rather than brainstorming entries on your own.

Our Kimiko Writer’s Criteria:

1. Fair writing – We do not expect you to have sophisticated vocabulary, but we at least hope to see a decent level of writing that can interest any reader who is coming to this blog. If we are bored at your writing, will any reader find it interesting themselves?

2. Good voice– More than anything, we like to hear something different from an incoming writer. We believe in diversity, and we do not need to find another author that writes the same old stuff.

3. Post Application – We want you to submit an entry when you email us. This entry should be seen as your first entry that you will post on Kimiko This is an examination of your writing skills and creativity. We also wish to see that you are able to structure your ideas in a way that allows the commentator to question themes in your writing.

4. What you would like to contribute to Kimiko Anime – Please, do tell us about your own ideads when you enter to join Kimiko. We wish to know what you want to write, the genre of writing (Episode summaries, editorials, manga, polls.. ect) and the frequency of your posting. If you wish, you can give one or two paragraphs about yourself for us, so that we may get to know you better.

Final Take:

We will always try to reply within a week to inform you that we have received your application. All new entries will be seen by all active authors of Kimiko, and we will take some time to inform you whether you are accepted. But please… if you are rejected, please do not feel hurt because it is always hard to reject great people. All in all,thank you for considering yourself to join the Kimiko Anime family, and hope to see you around the Kimiko Dashboard soon!

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