Pokémon: Best Wishes! Episode 7

November 2, 2010

I finally got around to watching the last episode of Best Wishes last night and the title of the episode pretty much gave it away. This episode begins with Ash, Iris and Dent walking down a forest path. While making their way to the next gym in Shippo City, they decide to take a quick lunch break.

Iris runs off and not to long after returns with a bowl of freshly picked fruit. Dent, being a chef refuses to eat the food that way and somehow manages to pull a Brock and take out multiple kitchen supplies to prepare the food.   Ash, Pikachu and Iris chow down on the delicious lunch, while Dent tells them he made more if they wanted it.

Ash made his way over to the kitchen supply stand that came out of nowhere but the food was gone. We then move the episode onward to the point… Tsutarja. It seems that while they were eating, a wild Tsutarja stole the seconds and ran off. Ash for whatever reason is determined to capture the Tsutarja and begins to pretty much stalk the poor thing.  Ash later finds out that it wouldnt be so easy to capture this pokemon. After attempting to catch it by just throwing a pokeball.. once again fails, he sends out Pikachu. We then discover that this Tsutarja can use an attack called Attract, which works to harness the opposite sex. So yes, this particular bad-ass Tsutarja just happens to be female. Tsutarja attacks Pikachu, who is under the command of Attract, with vine whip but of course Ash steps in and takes the beating instead.

Tsutarja then runs off and what do you know? Ash follows her. He sends Mamapeto into the sky to look for her, and they finally do meet up again. This time Mijumaru came out of his pokeball wanting to try and challenge Tsutarja by himself. I just cant get enough of Mijumaru he is so damn cute. Anywho, he of course is attacked with Attract and has to return to the pokeball. Ash trys and throws another pokeball to catch her, but Tsutarja just comes right back out. Ash then sends in Pokabu, which Iris was finally happy that he was using the correct type difference for victory. However, once again Pokabu too fell under the spell of Attract and was returned.

After a few more scenes of running and trying to be George of the Jungle, Ash finally catches up to Tsutarja again but this time decides to attack with Mamapeto… who just happens to be a female. In the end, Tsutarja’s attack didn’t work and Mamapeto attacked her. Something finally snapped in her and she allowed Ash to capture her. This episode was mostly a filler, but I will have to say that it is amazing how fast Ash got the starters this season. So far the “Pokemon Coma Theory” about why Ash is still 10 is correct for this show up until this point. That meaning that it has almost directly mirrored events from Season 1. Anywho, I still love this season of Pokemon much better than DP and am looking forward to what adventures the trio will run into next.



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